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Brandy Alexanders, Two Ways

Skinny Brandy Alexanders

I had just started working part time at The Pub the first time I heard of Brandy Alexanders. This was back in the mid 1980s, when I was going to Library School at UNC-Ch. Being a student, my tastes and definitely my budget leaned toward beer, so I wasn’t really familiar with “fancy” drinks, especially anything containing brandy. That was too grown up for me!

The first person who ordered a Brandy Alexander from me was, of all people, my Mom. I think I’ve seen her drink maybe five times (and that’s stretching it) in 50+ years, so needless to say I was genuinely surprised. I recently asked her if she remembered ordering it and she said, “Oh, yes – it was fantastic!” She said she had wanted to try one for several years and since everyone she was with was with was drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage, she finally decided to take the plunge. When I told JD, our bartender, that my mom normally did not drink, he decided to go next store to the Fast Fare and buy some vanilla ice cream to make the Brandy Alexander extra special. And obviously it was since Mom still remembers how good it was some 25 years later!

Ice cream Brandy Alexander

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