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Kel’s Mini Chicken Pot Pies


Ever since Sally gave me cute little red ramekins for Christmas, I’ve been thinking of meals to make in them. The first thing I made was some delicious breakfast casseroles, so I knew I was ready to move on to a dinner recipe. Luckily, the March issue of “Every Day with Rachel Ray” arrived, with a mini pot pie on the cover. Perfect! I opted to use my own recipe instead of Rachel’s (sorry, Rach) because I already know how tasty it is and thought it would be easy to go from a full-sized pot pie to mini ones.

I only made 4 mini pot pies, so I had some of the filling left. I didn’t want to throw it away, so I saved it for chicken pot pie soup. Yum! I just added a little bit of water and some pepper, for a tasty mug of homemade soup.

Chicken pot pie soup

The recipe below will easily make 6 mini pot pies, and probably eight of them. I use fresh chicken breasts, but you can easily substitute one of those roasted chickens you get at the store. You will need about 2 cups of cooked meat. Also, feel free to add some cooked potatoes to the mix, as I sometimes do.  With or without potatoes, this is comfort food at some of its finest!

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