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Kel’s Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast

SOS on toast

When’s the last time you had creamed chipped beef (affectionately referred to as SOS in the military)? It had been a while for me, which is a shame because I love this creamy and delicious comfort food and have been making my own since my college days. I have a husband that doesn’t care much for food with sauces or gravies (unbelievable, I know), so lately the only time I get to enjoy creamed chipped beef is in a restaurant, usually for breakfast/brunch.

Let's eat!

The other night I came home from water aerobics and Brad and the kids had already eaten. It had been dreary all week and much cooler than normal for a North Carolina spring. I knew I wanted something warm and satisfying that wouldn’t take long to make and was thrilled to run across a jar of dried beef. Perfect – SOS to the rescue.

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