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Irish Beers You Can Enjoy at Home

Irish Beers

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so if you don’t want to go out and celebrate the night before the work week begins, or are like me and just want to avoid the crowds, there are some good Irish beers readily available in the Triangle, either in grocery stores or places like Peace Street Market, Bottle Mixx, Bottle Revolution, Total Wine, etc. You can choose among lagers, red ales, cream ales and stouts. Pick up some Irish cheese (such as yummy Kerrygold cheddar) and crackers and drink to Ireland’s most famous patron saint in the comfort of your home, no driving required! Sláinte agus táinte!

Kerrygold Cheese

For the record, I am no beer expert by any means – I just know what I like and what I don’t. So please keep that in mind as you read my short descriptions of these Irish beers, and check out Beeradvocate’s website if you’d like to see how the experts rate them. Just know I had a lot of fun researching this post!

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