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Raleigh’s Best Brunches: Part 1 — Buffets

Oxford buffet items

In May I asked my readers what their favorite places in the Raleigh area for brunch are (and congratulations to Jennifer K. for winning the $25 gift card to Target for her suggestion.) I received numerous recommendations and have tried to eat at most of the places suggested. So finally, after many, many months of research, I’ve come up with some of my favorites. Because I like so many places I tried, I’ve decided to divide this post into two separate parts: Buffets and Menu Only.

This part concentrates on some the buffets I visited in Raleigh, which are only open on Sundays. I actually prefer ordering from a menu rather than going to a buffet, mainly because I tend to eat too much because I want to try everything in sight. I then wind up feeling miserable for a few hours. Oh the things I do for this blog!

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