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Kel’s Tasty Turkey Meatballs for Pasta, Pizza and Pitas

Meatballs in marinare are served!

I normally buy ground turkey breast that is at least 99% fat free, but the other day Harris Teeter had 93% lean ground turkey on sale for $3.98 per pound, which was a great deal and saved me a little more than $1.00 per pound. Yaaay! Immediately I thought I’d make turkey burgers for dinner because with the extra little bit of fat they would be juicier. However, for some reason when I got home I asked Brad what he would prefer – turkey burgers or meatballs, and he quickly responded, “Meatballs.”

Actually, meatballs turned out to be a great choice, since I got three meals for two out of one pound of meat: turkey meatballs in marinara sauce over pasta; meatball-stuffed pita sandwiches; and homemade garlic-herb crusted pizza with meatballs, green peppers, olives and onions (recipe to be posted soon.)

Rock this turkey meatball pie!

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