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Let the Kitchen Games Begin!

Kitchen p.m. first demo day

Brad and I bought our house in late 2006 and started moving in the following spring. It’s a funky and modern home — an envelope house, if you will, which basically means it’s a house inside of house and is passive solar. We have four different levels, with non-heated atriums on the first three floors. For the most part, each level mimics the other, except the very top, which does not have the atrium and has a slanted roof instead. If you count the atrium space, we have approximately 4,400 square feet, sitting on almost ¾ acre wooded lot.

Our home

The house was a foreclosure, which was the only way we could afford something with so much room in this location. It was built in the mid-1980s, which certainly is reflected in the kitchen (and bathrooms, but I’m not even going there.) The kitchen itself is miniscule (90 sq. ft.) – I guess they didn’t cook much in the 80s, LOL.

tiny kitchen

Luckily, cabinet space has not been much of an issue, since a wall of them live right outside the kitchen proper.

Bare cupboards

Anyway, we knew one of our first projects was going to be a complete kitchen remodel, right after we had the deck built a few months after moving in. I’m talking all new appliances, cabinets, floors, counters, lights, etc., plus knocking down a load-bearing wall (see below), adding an island, moving plumbing and enlarging a window. A major undertaking, to say the least!

Wall is going away

Flash forward to six years later ….

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