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Vegas – the Great, the Good and the Ugly: Part Three – The Ugly

In Part One of  “Vegas – the Great, the Good and the Ugly,”  I  wrote about the “The Great” – things/places I will definitely revisit next trip. Part Two - The Good – focused on things I liked and may try again if time permits. This third and final part -The Ugly – is about things I will try and avoid at all costs on my next visit.

The Pub at Monte Carlo.  We have been to this place before, and generally our orders were taken in a reasonable amount of time, even during football season when the place is packed. This time was a completely different. We waited more than 15 minutes before we gave up, and the place really wasn’t all that busy. There was absolutely no acknowledgement from bartenders that they would be right with us, or the other handful of customers right next to us. Just stares, like none of us were there. I usually like coming to this place, but doubt I’ll be back. There are just too many other places with better service.


No comp drinks at the poker machines at the Wynn. Are you kidding me? I put $100.00 in a video poker machine, play $5.00 per hand, and you still charge me for my mimosa? Thanks, but no thanks – I’ll take my money and business elsewhere. Wynn management might want to revisit customer service 101.


1-800-Girls idiots. These are the incredibly annoying men and women on the strip hawking escort services. I asked one of the guys trying to push his advertisements on me if they had any boys, but he just ignored me. Whatev. Go away, and keep those damn flyers out of my face!


Cigars/cigarettes.  This town needs more non-smoking areas in the casinos. Enough said.

Kids who are bored. Actually I blame the parents on this one. Leave your kids at home (like we did) or else find something for them to do. Leaving them on the edge of the casino while you play slots is just plain wrong. Seriously. Columnist John Deiner of the Washington Post obviously agrees: check out his blog posting at:


Video poker/slots. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. My money sure did this time, and I have no one to blame but myself. That’s why they call it gambling. Better luck next time. And there will be back a next time, I’m sure! And hopefully I can move this category up to “Great”!

This ends my three-part series on Vegas for this trip. If you visit, you can’t go wrong with the places/things I listed in the Great or the Good, but try and stay away from the Ugly!

Eat, drink and be merry!

Ick! – GaviLyte-N Is Vile


I usually don’t like to blog about negative things. My Mom always says  if you can’t say anything good about something, then don’t say anything at all (actually, I think all moms say that.) But in this case I feel compelled to dump this post about GaviLyte-N on the world, because most people are going to have to drink this nasty stuff at some point in their lives. I’ve created a new category for my blog called “Ick!” – it’s for anything that is particularly disgusting, and this stuff is at the top of the list.

I’m not new to this drink – I endured it in the mid ‘90s for my first colonoscopy. Good Lord, with all of the amazing technology out there (yes, Virginia, they did put a man on the moon) you would think they could make this stuff taste better, maybe like a nice bubbly or iced tea. I read on that GaviLyte-N has “a pleasant mineral water taste.” Pleasant? Whoever wrote that must be on crack.  If they can’t improve the taste, at least have smaller doses. A gallon of this sh*t to drink in 8 oz. pours every 15 minutes? Really? Really? Why not just a shot in the arm or the butt they are so attracted to? Or develop a simple blood test – one little pinch of a needle and you’re done. And it costs more than $20.00 to boot. I have to pay to drink this crap? And endure a liquid diet the entire day before the procedure? Jello is the only “food” I get? I’m tempted to add vodka (it is clear) to it and make jello shots, LMAO.

All of this reminds me of a response to a question on the ‘60’s television show “The Newlywed Game” with Bob Eubanks as host. Four newlywed couples would each separately answer “suggestive” questions (at the time) and compare their responses to see how well they really knew their spouses. The couple with the best score at the end would win some sort of prize. Anyway, this was the question and answer:

  • Bob: Where’s the most unusual place you’ve made whoopee?
  • Female contestant: That would be up the butt, Bob.

Apparently this is true – check it out on It’s funny regardless – wish I could have seen Bob Eubank’s face – he probably laughed his a$$ off!

Back to this gallon of sh*t to clean your pipes out the day before the procedure. It comes with a little package of “lemon flavoring” to add to the concoction. Bless your heart for including that, pharmaceutical company, you crack me up. And BTW, thanks for suggesting the nausea pills and the recommendation for the baby wipes so I won’t have any chafing. Glad to know you’re covering my a$$!

I had to get a substitute to lead my water aerobics class tonight so I wouldn’t cause a “brown-out” in the pool. The only bright side is I’ve probably lost a few pounds. Note to self: Buy some more toilet cleaner.

Okay, that’s a load off. But now I’ve gotta run ….