Tip of the Month, January 2013: Best Soup in Raleigh? Enter to Win

MinestroneFor my first giveaway of 2013, I’d love for my readers to provide me tips on where I can get the best soups in the Raleigh area. Stuff that would rival your grandmother’s homemade chicken soup. Stuff that would make the Soup Nazi proud. The reward? A $25.00 gift card to The Fresh Market! Yum!

Fresh Market gift card

The rules are simple. Just leave a comment about what your favorite soup, bisque, gumbo or chowder is in the Raleigh area and which restaurant serves it. No chili entries, please – that’s a future blog all on its own!

I am breaking this into two types of soups:

Those that contain meat, poultry or fish, like this hearty turkey, kielbasa and white bean soup:

Turkey, kielbasa and bean soup
Those which are vegetarian or vegan, like this refreshing chilled cucumber melon soup:

Cucumber melon soup

There will be two lucky winners — one for each category — drawn at random. The deadline for commenting is Jan. 31, 2013, at midnight.

So get your entries in – you can vote once for each category. Good luck! I can’t wait to hear (and try) your recommendations.

Eat drink and be merry!

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38 thoughts on “Tip of the Month, January 2013: Best Soup in Raleigh? Enter to Win

  1. shoefulofdrool

    So glad you said Raleigh “area” because there’s no slicing it that William’s Gourmet Kitchen is in Durham. You could get away with calling it RTP, but never Raleigh. It’s at the corner of 55 and 54, so it’s not far from Raleigh. I had their tomato basil soup the other day and I thought it rocked!

    1. Lesley

      Glad to hear about the yummy soup at William’s Gourmet Kitchen. I’ve driven by there a number of times and wondered about it, but have never stopped.

  2. Pat Trempus

    I thought about it and the French Onion soup at Mandolin’s was outstanding. Came with toasted garlic bread and duck confit. Outstanding. Also have to recommend the chicken noodle soup from Sweet Tomatoes, actually more of a chicken pastry soup. Hearty and warms the cockles of your heart

  3. Nancy Sumner

    I don’t get to eat out very often, but I love the broccoli cheddar soup at Quizno’s. And Chili’s has a good tortillia soup.

  4. PJ Nettesheim

    I used to LOVE the soup at the Crowley’s on Medlin. We used to get take-out soup all the time but now they arent open for lunch so I don’t now how they roll now. I don’t go out much for sit down dinners, but the soup at Boondini’s at Celebration is AMAZING.

    1. PJ Nettesheim

      Seriously, you gotta try it. I think they have chicken vegetable and chili every day which are both awesome and whatever their daily special is is also always delish. And cheap!

  5. Rose

    Margaux’s Restaurant has a wonderful French onion soup that is always on their menu. It is the one soup that I actually get a craving for!

  6. Michelle Anysz

    I have always been a fan of the Miso Soup at Red Bowl Asian Bistro. I would have never tried this soup, however a choice of soup comes with the Sushi lunch special at the location in Cary, NC. It is an acquired taste but I think it is delish!

  7. Michelle Anysz

    If you are looking for a great vegetarian soup, I would highly recommend the “Corn Soup” from Mez Contemporary Mexican restaurant on Page road in Durham (really RTP). It’s the best soup I have ever had! Excelente!
    The description: Creamy corn soup topped with fresh roasted corn, crumbled queso fresco and poblano rajas (I had to look up what this meant: roasted poblano chiles, onion, garlic and Mexican oregano).

  8. Trudy

    Buffalo Brothers on Capital Blvd. has a Danish French Onion soup that is very tasting. It is topped with swiss cheese and blue cheese crumbles and comes with in house made croutons. They also have a pretty nice baked potato soup topped with bacon and cheddar, but I favor the onion soup more. There is also a Buffalo Brothers on Lake Boone Trail, but I don’t know if they have the same menu.

    1. kelleychisholm

      Thanks, Trudy. Luckily we have Buffalo Bros. on Lake Boone Trail, right down the road from us, so I will try this on our next visit (the kids and I were just there Tue. night -it’s one of their favs!)

  9. Terri Wilkinson

    Sorry to be so late! Big City Bagels has the best tomato bisque in the hood! They have a featured soup every day but the tomato bisque is the best. You can come on in and taste their other soups which are fantastic.


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