About Kelley Chisholm

I love food. I love trying new restaurants, recipes and wines, especially with family and friends. I love cookbooks and food magazines, grocery and specialty food stores, kitchen gadgets and cooking shows. The goal of my blog is to introduce you to some of my favorites and learn about some of yours in return.

I am a proud “mom” to 10-year old twins, Gabe and Lexi, who are the light of our lives. They have been with Brad and me since they were 5 years old and it has been absolutely fantastic watching them grow, learn and figure out just what to feed them. Lexi is an absolute delight, especially foodwise – she loves everything! Gabe is currently on a hot sauce kick (I’m talking habenero!) but that’s cool if it makes him eat his broccoli.

Professionally, I am the editor of FMI Quarterly, a journal covering business strategies, project management, risk management, financial planning and a host of other business management topics.  I am also a writer and have published a number of articles on management, leadership and talent development topics in a variety of national trade publications.

In what seems like a long-ago, previous life, I bartended, waitressed and cooked (in addition to working in various libraries) to help put myself through grad school.  So maybe I know just enough to make myself a bit dangerous when it comes to being in the kitchen and behind a bar. I’ll leave that up to those I cook and serve as well as anyone who tries my recipes.

All in all, I think writing about food just comes naturally and I hope you will enjoy my blog, comment often and share your own culinary experiences!

Eat, drink and be merry!


10 thoughts on “About Kelley Chisholm

  1. jorge guzman


    Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful review on your blog. We look forward to having you as our guest again.


    Jorge Guzman
    Executive Chef
    Solera Restaurant
    MSP. MN.

  2. ncsulilwolf

    Hi Kelley! I was just perusing food blogs here in the Triangle and came across yours from another blog’s recommendation. I’d like to invite you to some upcoming food + entertainment events in the area, if you’re interested! Please feel free to shoot me an email at lisa.jeffries@gmail.com to exchange contact info. Keep up the great blogging! Cheers!

  3. Cameron

    Kelley thanks for your comments about Cameron Bar and Grill on your recent post about your crawl of Cameron Village! We can’t wait to have you back for another mimosa, or for Brad… a beer! See you soon

  4. Teresa

    Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog. I hope you try and enjoy many of the recipes. Please let me know how they turn out. Feel free to browse the archives, ask questions, or leave comments any time!


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