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What to Do In Snowshoe — Foodwise, That Is

Fun on the slopes, Snowshoe 2011

Located in West-By-God Virginia, Snowshoe Mountain is one of the most popular ski areas in the southeast, with slopes and trails for all levels of skiers, snow boarders and tubers. I wish I could say that it is a popular dining destination as well, but I can’t. Food options are extremely limited, especially if you are used to skiing in the western United States.

First, there just are not a large number of restaurants. I think this is partly because Snowshoe is not a big summer destination for travelers, so restaurants must make the bulk of their income during ski season. A bad season or two can cause a place go under. Second, since there are not that many restaurants, the ones that are there get extremely crowded, especially on the weekends, and the waits can be quite lengthy and the service rushed.

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