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Kel’s Pineapple Tomato Salsa with Avocado

Kel's pineapple tomato salsa with avocado

Fresh pineapples and avocados were on sale in several different grocery stores the other day – I think they were marking down these items after Cinco de Mayo. Whatever the reason, I was thrilled and decided to make a new salsa with said pineapple, avocado and tomatoes as the base. This stuff rocks – what a great and refreshing salsa that goes great with pork (and I imagine salmon or other fish), or by itself as a delicious and refreshing dip with tortilla chips.

I knew I had a hit on my hands the first time I made this salsa and left it on a counter at work — once my coworkers discovered it they told others they had to try it! I made it a week later when we were at the beach with a bunch of friends, again to many positive reviews. Don’t hesitate to take this to a pool party or picnic this summer — it won’t last long!

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